Go Skateboarding Day photos!

Go Skateboarding Day was another success!!

Here are some pictures from Jake Edwards!

Creature Skateboards sponsored a race which consisted of all participants to consume 3 hot dogs, but there was only 6 hot dogs left, so only one hot dog was consumed. Then everyone was to race around the marked park lines ON FOOT instead of skateboards, and to finish it off, local donut supplier, Sandys Donuts, provided powdered donuts for everyone to choke on before they had to shotgun a Dewski to "cross the finish line". Thanks for the good times Creature!!

hbHere's a couple photos from the longest powerslide contest sponsored by Spitfire Wheels! There was a tie between Eric Hansen and Tanner, But i think Tanner ended up beating Eric Hansen by about an inch. Honorable mentions to Vu for placing first for the past 2 or 3 years and also thanks to the girl who let me barrow her sharpie to mark the marks!

There was a giant game of skate that took forever for a deck from Girl Skateboards signed by Mike Mo!!! Grand finals were incredible between Jalen and Tanner

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