Building a complete skateboard?
A complete consists of 6 items.
Deck+Grip, Trucks+Hardware, Wheels+Bearings
There is a 10% discount for putting a complete together, manually refunded after the transaction has been completed!

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What Size Trucks Do You Need?

The longest lasting part of your skateboard!

Generally, you want your deck size to be within a quarter inch above or below your truck size.
Ideally, you want your deck and truck size to be as close as possible, but it takes time to figure out your preferred deck size. This suggested size chart gives you room to play with multiple deck sizes without having to purchase multiple sets of trucks.

8.0" axle = 7.75" - 8.25" decks
8.25" axle = 8.0" - 8.5" decks
8.5" axle = 8.25" - 8.75" decks
9.0" axle = 8.75" - 9.25" decks