Custom Beanie Services

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Winters are harsh in North Dakota and the in store sales are minimal. This project will attempt to help that situation! Just me and my girlfriend pumpin' out beanies with our 70's Riccar sewing machine!


Handful of options for patches listed below.

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Woven Patches:

Square or rectangle. Triangles, if you're feeling spicy. Most popular. Woven, not embroidered, to allow for higher detail for smaller size patches. High amount of color choices.



Canvas patches:

Square or rectangle. Bleach White or Natural Off White flat canvas or twill. Best for single color print, but multi-color options are available.



Woven with merrowed edge:

Square, rectangle, circle, oval. Same style as the regular woven patches, but with added merrowed edge border in the color of your choice. Slightly smaller area for graphic.



Faux Leather:

Square, rectangle, circle, oval. Brown AF. Logo is debossed and generally a darker brown than the rest of the patch, but it is highly suggested to fill the logo with black or darker brown to make for a better contrast. Including a recessed line around the border gives the stitching a cleaner look.



Size Suggestions:

1.5" is generally the max patch height for the cuff on this knit model beanie. If you are going for a rectangle patch, 1.25" is usually a good height. Pro Tip: The wider the rectangle, the skinnier the height. If the rectangle is too long and too wide, it tends to wrinkle. Make sense? Well, it's weird to explain.


Common sizes

1.5" x 1.5" Square

1.25" x 2" Rectangle

1" x 2.5" Rectangle


Have multiple logos? Sure. Lets do multiple logos!


Want color? Woven labels have the best color options.


Stitching color? Whatever you want. You can create a border with white stitching on a black background patch that will ALWAYS look good, but if your logo already has a border incorporated, stitching should usually match the background color.

Minimum order – 50 pieces
50-99 = $8 each
100-??? = $7 each


MSRP: $18-20


All beanies are USA made too!


Current color choices:
Black (ultimate beanie color)

Army Green


Dark grey heather


Natural (off white)


Fill In Orders:

After your first order, extras of your logo patches will be on standby so if you need quick fill ins, we can get them stitched and shipped out ASAP! No minimum quantity.


More beanie colors will be added depending on interest of the project.

Please let me know if you have a specific color you’re looking for!


Quantities of colors can mixed to whatever you want.


Not 100% on turn around time yet as I am just getting started, but my estimate is about 2-3 weeks. If I already have stock of your patch, an order should be complete and shipped in a day or two!


Shipping? I guess lets start off with free shipping since we are still figuring this all out!