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Landyachtz | Drop Cat 33 Vibes DECK ONLY

Landyachtz | Drop Cat 33 Vibes DECK ONLY

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Length: 33"
Width: 9.625
Wheelbase: 23.9"

The Drop Cat 33 is a tapered, directional, drop-through longboard with medium flex making it ideal for smaller riders or people looking for a more agile addition to their quiver. The medium flex is a perfect middle ground providing enough dampening for rough pavement while still being stiff enough to support stability and support for sliding. The concave flares on the corners of the deck keep you locked in and comfortable while riding. The aggressive rocker concave from the front to the back of the board brings you closer to the ground and changes the angle of the trucks, resulting in a highly responsive longboard. The lowered platform makes this board ideal for pushing and long commutes. Get a taste of longboard perfection with the Drop Cat 33.

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